SmartPly Renewal Project Updates

Update 6 - September 2015

The new line is progressing with the equipment installation stating to take shape.

Update 5 - August 2015

An sneak into the Siempelkamp factory in Germany shows our new line being prepped and getting ready to leave, bound for Waterford, Ireland.

Update 4 - July 2015

The new building is well under way and is showing signs of nearing completion. This internal shot shows the preparation of the new facility, which is getting ready to take delivery of the brand new line.

Update 3 - April 2015

This month’s project update shows the new building structure in the process of being clad. The construction of the new manufacturing facility will include an upgrade of the current infrastructure and the development of a Panel Products Innovation Centre.

Update 2 - March 2015

The construction of the €59m investment to the SMARTPLY facility has started to take shape. Have a look at the development of the project over the past month. This investment will enable SMARTPLY to enhance its product portfolio through innovation to provide market leading, value added and specialty SMARTPLY OSB solutions for our customers.


Update 1 - February 2015

The construction of the new SMARTPLY manufacturing facility is underway. The investment in the SMARTPLY mill will be instrumental in the development of new SMARTPLY OSB products -