General Use

SMARTPLY has been designed for use in structural and non-structural applications and is available in a variety of thicknesses, dimensions and different grades.

SMARTPLY is an engineered wood product made from oriented wood flakes coated with an exterior grade glue and compressed under high temperature. The result is a load-bearing panel suitable for structural use in humid environments, with a reliable distribution of strength, stiffness and spanning capacity both along and across the board.

Stables and kennels
SMARTPLY is the perfect product for use in the construction of stables, kennels and other types of animal housing. For best results it is important to sand all cut edges to avoid splintering. A primer and finish coat of paint will seal up the panels ahead of occupancy.

Both SMARTPLY OSB2 and OSB3 can be used for packaging, client choice due to the enhanced performance of SmartPly 3 in humid conditions. The strength of both grades ensure increased performance making the contents as safe as possible.

Concrete formwork
SMARTPLY OSB3 is suitable for temporary formwork, where the smooth finish on the face of the concrete is not critical. In this application use SMARTPLY in the same manner as any other plywood panel i.e. seal and oil all panels prior to pouring of concrete.

SMARTPLY is used for floors and roofs in most shed construction as a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution.

For any further information, please refer to our SMARTPLY Datasheets here