Sustainability Smart

Forestry certification means that the environmental and social effects of a wood producer’s operations have been independently verified. As of mid-2003, there were only 150 million hectares of certified forest in the entire world – just over 3% of the total global forest area. Half of this is in Europe and another 40% in North America.

The Forestry Stewardship Council is one of the largest and most credible certifiers of wood producers and has the support of major environmental groups (such as World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and the Rainforest Action Network) as well as key inter-governmental forestry bodies.

The FSC certification is the only internationally-recognised standard that assures buyers of wood-based products that the timber used results from environmentally and socially responsible forestry management.

Chain of custody certification for a number of years, SmartPly has received the FSC’s chain of custody certification covering not only the supply of raw materials but also its manufacturing and distribution processes. Chain of custody certification provides a guarantee to consumers that the product not only comes from a well-managed forest but has passed through a secure environmentally friendly channel from its origin in the forest right through to the time it is installed by the end-user. Only products from FSC-certified forests can be labelled with the ‘tick and tree’ logo.

  • Independently verified 
  • Well-managed forests
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Socially responsible
  • Certified from origin to end-use

Sustainability and stewardship

We only use locally-grown, fast growing, renewable wood from well managed Irish forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forestry Stewardship Council We allocate sufficient boardroom time and resources to environmental issues to ensure that SMARTPLY products and operations conform to the highest environmental standards management and manufacturing priority. We have a comprehensive environmental policy in place to ensure that environmental issues receive proper attention and priority at all levels of the business. We use sophisticated control technology to minimise greenhouse gas emissions from our plant; and we were the first industry in Ireland to be granted an Integrated Pollution Control licence awareness and accountability We operate comprehensive and user-friendly systems of training and information to ensure that all our people receive proper training and communication on environmental issues. We conduct regular risk assessments of all SMARTPLY activities to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and that a proper system of accountability is in place.

Renewable energy and recycling

We are one of Ireland’s biggest users of renewable energy in the form of biomass. We are working to achieve an ambitious recycling rate target of 90% across the company. And all by-products of SMARTPLY are recycled for energy or horticultural purposes.

Timber and targets

We are passionate about wood and its value to our planet as a carbon sink, as a sustainable resource and as the principal component of SMARTPLY. We are constantly evaluating our progress against a series of stretching goals, targets, objectives and performance indicators to improve our environmental performance in every practicable way.